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By on August 23, 2013

Payam Kuttimala Temple:

Lord Muthappan temple situated in Memunda at scenic hill top which have been now taken care by Tourism department of Kerala Government. Temple opens only at evening. Lots of people come here to watch the sunset.

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Sree muthappanmala is also known as payamkuttimala.Sree muthappan temple and its natural beauty is the speciality of this place.The word payamkuttimala is derived from ”payamkutti”,which is the one of the major offer to the god muthappan and this temple is at the top of a mountain (mala) so its known as payamkuttimala.Its natural beauty also very famous.This place is 5.5 k.m from vadakara.There are a lot of bus and jeep services are available in this route,(perambra bus via thiruvallur, get down the muthappanmala stop).u can see almost areas of vadakra thaluk,arabiansea(vellyam kallu),nandhi light house,westernghats etc.Nowadays the importance of muthappanmala increasing day by day because of its natural and charm environment.The festivals of the temple are conducting second week of january yearly.During the festival time thiruvappana and lot of special programs are going on temple.This place has a keypoint in district tourism map.The famous lokanarkavu temple,memunda naga temples ,sidhasramam are near to this temple.


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